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Earscan Printing Utility

The Earscan 3 Screening Audiometer (ES3S) and Earscan 3 Threshold Audiometer (ES3) are capable of sending data to a PC using the supplied USB cable. While connected to the PC, test data can be sent directly to any printer to which you have access. It is also possible to store audiograms which can then be viewed or printed at a later time. The application supports multiple Earscan 3 Audiometers simultaneously connected to a single PC using USB.

Earscan Printing Utility - Main application window

Earscan Printing Utility - Print Preview window

PLEASE NOTE: While the Earscan Printing Utility software application is capable of storing tests that have been received from compatible audiometers, this application is NOT intended to be used as a database management solution. You may store as many tests as you like, reload them at a later time for viewing or printing, and delete individual tests from the stored list. This application does not provide any further data management abilities, there is no way to edit the received/stored data, and there are no built in abilities to backup the stored data. The Earscan 3 Manual Audiometer (ES3M) does not have the capability to transfer test data to this application.

System Requirements: The Earscan Printing Utility and the Earscan 3 USB drivers are supported on Microsoft Windows operating systems up to and including Windows 11 (32 and 64 bit). It may be necessary to run the installation procedure with administrator access.

Support: This application is currently being provided at no additional charge as an added convenience. This application will be updated as needed, but there are no guarantees or warranties provided with its use. Telephone based support is not available for this product. Support or assistance requests may be submitted by email to support@microaud.com.

Click to download: Earscan Printing Utility (v1.1.0.4)
Click to download: Setup and User Guide

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